Tailcoats and dance jackets


and Dancejackets

modern cut

Many years of experience, consultations with the best dancers
and coaches have resulted in the creation of a product that
meets all expectations. Modern and constantly developed
technology, following global trends,
specialized materials and comfortable use are the
distinguishing features of Vicante tailcoats and jackets.

the best, breathable stretch materials - for lightness and a perfect look

innovative solutions ensuring full comfort of use


Base material: bi-stretch elastic
Finishes (collar, buttons, buttonhole): black satin magnus
The basic version of the tailcoat made of flexible and light material. Perfect for the first adventure with a dance tailcoat.
Combined with black satin finishes, magnus gives each dancer a classic elegance.
The fitted cut perfectly emphasizes the frame and silhouette of every dancer.


Base material: our special fabric imported from Italy(combination of cotton and elastane)
Finishes (collar, buttons, buttonhole): black velor
Premium tailcoat made of our special fabric with a very deep and intense black.
Thanks to the combination with black velor (velvet) finishes, it completes the perfect image of each dancer using it.
Thanks to its light fabric and innovative solutions, it allows for full comfort of use.


Base material: black elastic velor (velvet)
Finishes (collar, buttons, buttonhole): black satin magnus
The platinum jacket allows you to stand out on the tournament floor. Velor is very fashionable in recent seasons and is often used by the best dancers in the world during the final rounds or the most important tournaments.
It gives amazing style and elegance, making it
the dancer is very visible on the dance floor.

What does the tailcoat sewing process look like? Book your date:
tel. 790 714 171
mail: biuro@vicante.com
1. Making an appointment by phone for a 2-day arrival to the studio. 2. Filling in and sending by e-mail the dimensions specified by us per month
before the date of arrival.
3. Arrival at the studio for 2 full days. Day 1 - fitting in the morning and afternoon Day 2 - another 2 try-ons and the tailcoat is ready for collection
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